Nuvohaus Home Improvement, Inc. has successfully operated in the Chicago area with excellent reputation with insurance companies.  Since your home is probably your most valuable investment, we at Nuvohaus strive to offer the finest quality service, site preparation, construction, repair and alteration to clients needing construction service.  Nuvohaus strive for perfection while completing the project in the most timely manner and maintains the highest standards of service and do the kind of job that makes our clients want us to do their next project.  Our ultimate goal is to restore your home’s structural integrity, beauty and value.

Home Insurance Claim Process

1. Call for free inspection for storm damage

5. Meeting with insurance adjuster

2. Review our assessment

6. Select color and style

3. Claim (Report) to your home insurance company

7. Construction

4. Call us with claim number

8. Go over warranty paper work

Our Staff

Picture of Dee Yi

Dee Yi

Over 15 years of hands-on experiences in roofing and siding as a laborer, sub- contractor, and prime contractor.

  • Illinois (IL) Roofing License Holder.
  • The major experiences including Avg. 150 residential and commercial various roof systems per year past three years.
  • Handled over 200 insurance approved roofing and siding job in 2014.
  • Vinyl Siding Installer (VSI) Certified.
Picture of Paul NH Kim
Senior Project Manager

Paul NH Kim

  • Professionalism in remodeling roofing and siding.
  • 9 years as a National Account Manager in Rocket Imports, Inc.
  • 4 years as a Supervisor in Danzas/AEI Supply Chain

Employment Opportunity

The construction industry is notorious for being vulnerable to fluctuations in the economy. However, roofing and siding work is more stable because roofing/siding do more repair, maintenance, and replacement work than other construction occupations. 

Also, new jobs will be created by the increasing amount of construction generally. Career opportunities in construction are predicted to be excellent for years to come, especially for professionals with sales training and experience in construction. Construction activities including work on new structures as well as additions, alteration, and repairs to existing ones. Please contact us for more information.

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